If Renovation meets 

certain criteria I include a complementary

custom handbuilt 

kitchen table.

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Digital Rendering by Chief Architecture 



​From Air Force F-16 Crew Chief, to Custom Contractor and proud business owner, attention to detail is my passion.   


I have been in the renovations business since 2006 when I first started flipping real estate. I offer my clients a wide range of services starting at the design phase through project management and job completion. I work very closely with my clients and I do my best to ensure their dreams and goals are satisfied to the fullest.  What usually takes a company a handful of people to finish a job, I do on my own, generally faster.  It's efficiency and management skills one can only learn from the military.  What that means to the customer is better pricing.  Instead of paying a large company to pay their crews, foremen, managers, ext, you work with just me.  Keeps the cost of doing business low, and the quality a priority.  Guaranteed.

Digital rendering and layout planning by Chief Architecture software


State of the art design program allows me to capture your dreams and turn them into reality so that you don't have to wonder what your kitchen will look like when it is finished

Custom built cabinetry


All cabinetry is custom built, a rare quality in today's market. Everything is done by hand, and custom tailored to the room and functional purpose.  Made in the USA.